… bureaucracy entirely assumes for itself the power and functions of an exploiting class, the management of the production process at all levels, the disposition of the means of production and decision-making authority over the appropriation of surplus production.
Cornelius Castoriadis

“We often hear that our politicians lack imagination. Indeed, in the current world of global governance, politics seems to have been reduced to simple administration, within a general neoliberal consensus. In such a world there seems to be no space for imagination understood as the radical capacity to envisage things differently and construct alternative political projects. Those who argue that “another world is possible” – to quote a slogan of the new global movements – are easily labelled unrealistic, if not fanatical, and thus are excluded from the spectrum of viable political options.

Deprived of imagination, the political world we live in is, nonetheless, full of images.”

·         Chiara Bottici (2014) Imaginal Politics: Images Beyond Imagination and the Imaginary, Columbia University Press.